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Editorial policy

Last Updated: February, 2021.

On-Line Store Changes and Return Policy

This Changes and Return Policy applies to all the products acquired through this Web Page: UpFrontpics

  • Changes will be made only for other product; no money will be reimbursed under any circumstance.
  • No changes will be made of any product that has any type of rebate.
  • Changes will be made within the first 30 days following the date of your purchase.
  • Shipment costs will be assumed by the customer requesting the change.
  • The products will be returned in their original packaging to guarantee the proper protection during the transportation. We will not be responsible for any product being damaged or lost during the return process to our company.
  • No changes of products that are not in perfect conditions and without label or with all its accessories will be made.
  • The warranty is valid for 6 months and will exclusively apply to manufacturing defects. Products will be repaired and if they cannot be repaired, they will be replaced by a new one. Advert Promotionals shall not be responsible for the misuse or normal wear of the material.
  • No changes of products coming from department stores, physical branches or branches located abroad.
  • To request any change, please send an e-mail describing your problem and indicating your PO number to:
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